John and Tyla Salley: Pivoting From the Court to Cannabis

John and Tyla Salley: Pivoting From the Court to Cannabis

The NBA is the only Big 4 league to embrace cannabis, even if that acceptance simply means turning a blind eye. It should be no surprise, then, that so many former NBA players have openly embraced cannabis. While it’s one thing to enjoy getting high or using cannabis medicinally, it’s another to invest your money in the industry—not to mention involving your family. Four-time NBA champion, talk show host, husband and father of three, John “The Spider” Salley, has done just that. Health and fitness have been the center of John’s message since before he left the league, publicly proclaiming his vegetarianism in 1999. As John says, “If you’re all about plants, and a plant-based diet, then you have to be about cannabis.” But his new company isn’t an example of yet another celebrity looking to slap their face on a box. John’s entrance to the cannabis space has been making waves, but he’s not going it alone.

Picking someone he knew he could trust, John has partnered with his daughter, Tyla. At twenty one years old, Tyla is the CEO of their joint venture, Deuces, and clearly the head honcho. With only a year under their belt as a company, John and Tyla have managed to draw tremendous attention around their upcoming product line, tirelessly sourcing the best product and running the weekend expo circuit. As a purveyor of fine cannabis, I was eager to meet up with these two to see how Deuces has come together.

When you’re interviewing a celebrity, there’s always an underlying nervousness. You really don’t know how you’re going to interact, or what their expectations are. And though everyone I’ve had the opportunity to work with has been nothing but pleasant, we’ve all heard the stories of the rich and famous. The last thing I needed to do was look bad in front of John Salley. Making Tyla and John feel right at home wasn’t hard, considering the forewarning we were given for working with John: have lots of food available! It’s no wonder, seeing as he’s not just a beast of a man, but a lifelong athlete that his appetite is equally as impressive as his reputation. Following his motto—“Eat what elephants eat”—the DOPE crew showed up proper with some delicious vegan food: mushroom “carnitas” mission burritos, Indian curry bowls with yams and lentils, and, of course, tons of greens. If there’s one thing we could bond over, it was good food and cannabis.



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